Professional blast chiller +90°/-18°

MODEL: AB23X2500

Professional blast chiller +90°/-18°

MODEL: AB23X2500
Typology : 3 pans
Dimensions (mm) : 575x605x485 mm
  • Operation: Ventilated
  • Automatic defrosting with ultrasonic humidifier
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Technical values
  • Positive Cycle7
  • Negative Cycle5
  • Std Set up Capacity3 pans
  • Cooling gasGAS R290
  • Output in Watt850
  • Voltage230V~ 50Hz
  • Temperature range +90°… -18°
  • Energetic class-
  • Climate class-
  • Tray sizeGN 2/3
  • Standard equipment1 grid GN 2/3
  • Doors1
  • External dimension575x605x485 mm
  • Internal dimension475x360x220 mm
  • Capacity-
  • Absorbed power380W 2,1A
  • MaterialAISI 304

Desco professional 3 tray blast chiller for gastronomy with stainless steel AISI 304 structure, stainless steel tray rack structure with 3 slides and 50 mm spacing, CFC and HCFC free insulation to protect the environment, indirect internal air circulation on the product, refrigerating unit with thermostatic valve, adjustable feet, core probe not included.

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