utensili professionali cucina

Neutral elements

moduli alzacestelli professionali desco

Professional basket lifter

pentole professionali

Cooking pots

brasiere professionali

Bratt pans

contenitori caldi a infrarossi

Infrared hot containers

cuocipasta professionale

Pasta cookers

piastre multifunzione per cucine professionali


griglie a pietra lavica desco

Lava stone grills

friggitrici professionali


fry top

Fry top

bagnomaria professionali

Electric bain-marie

Ceramic glass electric ranges

cucine elettriche con piastre in ghisa

Electric ranges with cast iron plates

gas a fuochi aperti

Gas ranges with open flame burners

gas a fuochi ermetici

Gas ranges with hermetic burners

Induction electric ranges

Italian cuisine at its best

Desco’s selection of ranges and equipment is elegant, powerful and reliable. Designed to withstand intense workloads, all products comply with the strictest rules on safety, ergonomics and hygiene. Nothing has been left to chance: details are functional and shapes are designed to make cleaning quick and easy. The stainless steel structure with a Scotch Brite satin finish helps preserve surfaces from signs of wear and tear. Worktops are solid with 20 or 10 millimetre thicknesses. Joints are flush to ensure even surfaces, as if it were a single worktop. The knobs are made of glass-filled nylon to ensure long-lasting durability and stability. The modular and monobloc ranges are a concentrate of high quality and technology.