Linea cottura 600 Desco

Cooking line

The Desco range of cookers of the 600 line is a complete cooking system, created to be adapted to small environments, without renouncing professional performance and guaranteeing safety and energy saving.

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Cooking line

The range of cookers in the 700 line is designed to withstand intense workloads, to comply with the strictest rules on safety, ergonomics and hygiene, and to be both elegant and powerful.

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Linea cottura 700 Desco
Linea cottura 900 Desco

Cooking line

Nothing has been left to chance in the 900 line cooker range. Stainless steel construction with a Scotch Brite satin finish that helps preserve it from the signs of wear and tear. It is a reliable, safe and efficient kitchen.

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Refrigeration line

Desco offers a complete range of refrigerated cabinets to keep your preparations at their best. Each product is designed to meet customised needs.

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Linea refrigerazione Desco
Linea preparazione Desco

Preparation line

The modular line offers the freedom to design areas dedicated to preparation, which can be customised with neutral elements.

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Washing line

Discover all the equipment in the Desco washing line that allows you to keep all the phases of kitchen activities under control.

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Linea lavaggio desco
Linea forni Desco

Ovens line

A complete range of equipment with an innovative, powerful, reliable and elegant design. Desco ovens are not afraid of intense work rhythms.

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Monobloc kitchens

From DESCO’s research and development a new range of monobloc kitchens is born: “MyBlock”, designed to give every chef a working tool that can enhance the most refined recipes. MyBlock is a blend of technology and robustness. Choose how to conceive your kitchen, your spaces, your dream and DESCO will make it come true.

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Linea monoblocco Desco

Pasta concept

Desco’s “pasta concept” is the ideal solution to ensure fast cooking, preparation and service. Whoever is involved in catering, in the field of pasta, knows that one of the secrets to make it delicious is in cooking.

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