Professional blast chiller +90°/-18°

MODEL: AB10N4810

Professional blast chiller +90°/-18°

MODEL: AB10N4810
Typology : 10 pans
Dimensions (mm) : 800x825x1800 mm
  • Air condensation
Ideal for
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Technical values
  • Positive Cycle34
  • Negative Cycle20
  • Std Set up Capacity10 pans
  • Cooling gasGAS R290
  • Output in Watt3600
  • Voltage400V~ 50Hz
  • Temperature range +90°… -18°
  • Energetic class-
  • Climate class-
  • Tray sizeGN 1/1 - 600x400
  • Standard equipmentCore probe
  • Doors1
  • External dimension800x825x1800 mm
  • Internal dimension664x415x870 mm
  • Capacity-
  • Absorbed power1700W 4A
  • MaterialAISI 304

Desco professional 10 tray blast chiller for gastronomy, monocoque structure in stainless steel AISI 304; scotch-brite satin exterior finish; 60 mm insulation thickness with high-density polyurethane foam (40 kg/m3); adjustable steel feet; cells with rounded interior corners for easy cleaning; easy access to evaporator for easy cleaning; easily removable structure for containing GN 1/1 or 60x 40 containers; door with reversible spring return and equipped with removable magnetic gasket; micro door switch to stop the fan when door is open; frontal air circulation inside the technical compartment for even flow distribution; 6 operating cycles; 400V /50Hz three-phase power supply.

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