Pizza counter 0° +15°

Static, with motor Model BNPZ0021

Pizza counter 0° +15°

Static, with motor Model BNPZ0011

Refrigerated display window 0°+15° 2000x380x410 mm

With glass Model VR381023

Refrigerated display window 0°+15° 1600x380x410 mm

With glass Model VR381021

Refrigerated element 0° +15°

With motor Model TNMP2S2560

Refrigerated element 0° +15°

With motor Model TNMP3S2560

Discover the versatile and efficient Refrigerated Pizza Counters, designed to optimize space and simplify work in Pizzeria.

Desco refrigerated pizza counters are available in depths of 80 cm, and are equipped with neutral drawer units, made of stainless steel AISI 304, in a variety of configurations for housing 60x40x7h cm PVC pizza containers. The refrigerated bases dedicated to 60×40 pizza containers, static or ventilated, guarantee excellent preservation of dough without compromising its integrity and ensure efficient performance with low energy consumption thanks to the use of ecological refrigerant gas R290.

How to choose the ideal pizza tables for your pizzeria

The refrigerated pizza counter is not just a place to knead, bake and stuff. It is a real workplace where everything needs to be tailored to create each pizza to perfection and to make work easier and faster. The layout and organisation of the workstation allows the pizza chef to work in an orderly and versatile environment, managing timing and preparation in the best possible way. When choosing a pizza counter, several factors must be considered, such as the available space, the characteristics of the environment and the choice of quality materials.

The choice of pizza counter materials

The pizza counter is fundamental for furnishing and managing the space in your pizzeria and has a dual function: it allows the dough and filling ingredients to be stored correctly; it also serves as a work surface for preparing, rolling out and topping pizza dough. The ideal material for a pizza counter must be resistant to oxidation and corrosion since pizza is a food that contains water and other moist ingredients. The best solution is to use a stainless steel counter and a granite top that facilitates working and spreading the dough.

The dimensions of the pizza counter

Awareness of the available space is very important when choosing the right pizza counter. If you opt for a refrigerated counter, it is advisable to position the motor compartment as far away from the oven as possible to consume less energy. In any case, the best solution is to opt for a perfectly tailored pizza counter for your kitchen, so as to have enough space for the pizza maker’s movements. The size of the counter may depend on the quantity of pizzas to be prepared per day, so that an appropriate equipment can be purchased according to demand. The choice of counters with drawer units facilitates the pizza chef’s work, as it allows the dough balls to be conveniently arranged and leavened without having to move them.

The refrigerated display window and accessories

There are also other elements to take into account when furnishing the pizzeria to make it perfectly functional. The refrigerated display window is in fact an element that guarantees the freshness and proper preservation of the pizza toppings. It is usually positioned above the work counter in such a way as to make the filling efficient and fast. Refrigerated display units are composed of basins of various sizes and perform the difficult task of respecting the maximum food display temperatures required by European health authorities and HACCP regulations.
Finally, a suitable pizza counter has rounded internal corners to facilitate cleaning and avoid unpleasant knocks. Adjustable feet allow the pizza counter to be set up at a customised height for each pizza maker.

Desco refrigerated pizza counters

Desco offers versatile and effective solutions that guarantee space optimisation and work simplification. After carefully studying the needs of pizza makers and working environments, it has developed a complete line of equipment designed for pizzerias and professional kitchens. From workbenches of various sizes to refrigerated elements, from drawer units to food display cabinets, Desco offers a range of options and solutions to furnish the pizzeria and guarantee the customer a high quality product.
 The Desco pizza counter can also be customised with a variety of neutral and refrigerated elements. The equipment, in compliance with hygiene regulations, is made of AISI 304 Cr-Ni 18/10 stainless steel, while the worktops are made of Sardinian granite or stainless steel. The choice of drawer units is also very wide.
They are suitable for PVC containers 60×40 cm, which can hold 15/18 balls of pizza dough. The refrigerated display cabinets are available with a depth of 32 or 38 cm, can be fitted on request with Gastronorm containers and are available from 120 cm to 250 cm in length.

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