frittura di pesce perfetta con le giuste attrezzature

Perfect frying with
professional equipment Desco

Frying is a technique that, when mastered with skill, provides unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Who can resist the temptation of a well-done fish fry? Shrimps, cuttlefish and crunchy small fish caressed by fresh lemon juice are a riot of flavour. From buying the ingredients to choosing the oil, temperature and equipment, each step contributes to the success of this speciality.

The secrets of frying fish

Perfect fish frying requires a careful selection of high-quality oils, such as olive oil or peanut oil. Both can withstand high temperatures and will not deteriorate. The fish must be completely immersed in the oil to fry properly. The temperature is also crucial: it must be kept around 185-190 degrees and must never drop below 160 degrees during frying; otherwise, the excessive fat absorption will make the fish too greasy.
The batter is another key element: if it is too thick, it risks masking the flavour of the fish, while if it is too light, the fried fish absorbs too much oil. Durum wheat flour or rice flour is best, poured over the well-dried fish until it is completely covered.

The process of frying fish

The fish is placed into the hot oil in small portions, a little at a time, so that the temperature of the oil remains constant and the fish is cooked evenly, resulting in an irresistible crispness. Using a pair of tongs, gently turn the fish so that it is browned on both sides. It only takes a few minutes of cooking time for the fish to be cooked to perfection.
The fish should be drained with a slotted spoon and placed on blotting paper without being pressed or covered, as the excess oil could soak the whole fish.
Salt should not be used during the cooking process to allow the fish to develop its full flavour, it is added at the end to complete the dish.

Desco professional fryers: your partner in the kitchen

With Desco professional fryers, both gas and electric, you can prepare perfect and delicious fried foods, optimising consumption with a yield that exceeds many products on the market by more than 20%. They have a large heating surface and the power to meet all requirements.
Models with two basins offer the possibility of cooking ingredients separately, preventing the transfer of food odours and flavours. This feature is particularly useful when cooking different types of food at the same time, such as chips and fish. By using the same oil, the chips could absorb the characteristic flavour of the fish.
Desco professional fryers are made of stainless steel with a Scotch-Brite finish. They are practical and easy to clean, with a polished chrome steel mesh basket and a bowl filter. The presence of two external burners contributes to the ease of maintenance.
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Fry Top: cooking without oil

The Fry Top is an alternative to traditional frying in oil. It allows you to cook on a smooth or ribbed plate at a high temperature, creating crispy dishes with a delicious crust. The gas or electric heating system ensures even heat distribution. The plate is thick and highly conductive, maintaining a constant cooking temperature even with intensive use. The worktop is designed with a large hole for draining cooking liquids, making cleaning quick and easy.
The fry tops include the brand new Sfera model in glass-ceramic, which was praised by chefs at the recent Host Milano exhibition. Thanks to its low consumption and high performance, it allows you to cook various products quickly: meat, fish and vegetables. It efficiently generates heat only on the cooking surfaces, while the external structure remains cool and safe for the operator.
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