Come funziona il cuocipasta professionale e perché usarlo nel tuo ristorante

Efficiency, speed and quality in an
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How the professional pasta cooker works

The pasta cooker is a professional equipment designed to optimise serving times. It consists of one or two bowls filled with water and one or more removable baskets where the pasta is placed to cook.
The heating system varies according to whether the machine is gas or electric.
The gas pasta cooker is equipped with a central burner in a combustion chamber. Ignition is by means of a pilot controlled by an adjustable gas valve. The pilot is operated by a mechanical piezo. The adjustable gas valve has been chosen to save gas. It can be turned to the minimum position to maintain the temperature.
The electric pasta cooker is equipped with 3 heating elements immersed in water, which can be rotated to clean the bowl. Ignition is by means of a 4-position switch (0,1,2,3). In position 1 only one heating element is on, in position 2 two heating elements are on and in position 3 all heating elements are on. This solution allows significant energy savings, especially during maintenance, when only one heater is needed.

Why should you choose a pasta cooker for your professional kitchen?

The professional pasta cooker optimises service time by maintaining a constant water temperature, eliminating the need to heat it to boiling point each time. This is particularly beneficial during peak periods, as it allows for faster and more efficient service. It also reduces waiting times for customers in the dining room.
Furthermore, the preparation of dishes can be partially automated. By setting the cooking times, the basket lifter module raises the basket at the appropriate time, eliminating the need for kitchen staff to intervene. Chefs no longer have to worry about checking cooking times, allowing them to focus on other preparations. Each module can be set to three different times. Additionally, each basket has three activation, safety, and switch-off buttons. With a single click, the basket descends. A second click raises the basket. In the event of an error in the time setting or the pasta inserted, a third emergency click allows the basket to rise.
The ability to precisely control the temperature and cooking time ensures that pasta is always al dente, preventing it from becoming overcooked or being drained too early, when it is still raw. Furthermore, the movements generated by the water ensure that the pasta moves in the tanks and does not stick.
The pasta cooker models, in conjunction with the basket kit, offer the advantage of allowing users to prepare several types of pasta simultaneously, without mixing them. This is a significant time-saving feature, particularly when preparing multiple dishes in a short period of time.

Desco professional pasta cookers are the best performing and most imitated on the market

Desco is a globally renowned company that pioneered the invention of the professional pasta cooker in 1981. Since then, our research and technology have been inextricably linked, with the objective of consistently enhancing this indispensable piece of catering equipment. Our products are crafted with a corrosion-resistant Aisi 316 stainless steel cooking bowl and an innovative, exclusive system that has been patented by our company, enabling the pasta cooker to outperform its competitors.
The basket-lifting module, also patented, is customisable and allows three different times to be programmed for raising the arm.
The high performance of our pasta cookers is guaranteed by the strategically positioned burners in our gas models or the electric heating elements inside the bowl in our electric versions.
The water is circulated through a perforated false bottom.
The front area comprises a strainer and an overflow hole, allowing the baskets to be placed in order to drain excess water and starch.

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